Los Osos Fitness Celebrates 20 Years!

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Los Osos Fitness

Congratulations to Terry and the staff at Los Fitness for 20 great years!

photo by Sonrisa Photography

Los Osos Fitness – 20 Years!!!!

Los Osos Fitness started as the 10th Street Gym back in 1994 with just 200 members. In 2000 they moved next to Miner’s and have grown to a membership of over 1500. As a physical therapist, founder Terry Brown understood staying fit was an excellent way to prevent injury and illness. “We started the fitness center to provide a place for the community to stay healthy. It’s been great. We have some members who have been with us for all twenty years.” There’s also five members of the terrific staff of forty who have been there all twenty years as well. “We have such wonderful, loyal people here in Los Osos. I am so grateful we’ve been able to serve the community for twenty years.”

And we’re looking forward for twenty more!

Link to their site to learn more about joining… Los Osos Fitness.

Sea Pines Indian Summer Concert Series 2014

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Sea Pines Golf Resort good times on the green continues with its Indian Summer Concert Series. It’s a fun and relaxed way to enjoy a Sunday afternoon. Come hungry and take advantage of the grub offerings. And, of course, drinks are offered in the Clubhouse.

Here’s the line up…

~ 8/30 – Unfinished Business
~ 9/6 – Cuesta Ridge
~ 9/13 – Damon Castillo
~ 9/20 – Dave Miller Band
~ 9/27 – Steppin Out
~ 10/4 – Resination
~ 10/11 – Burning James
~ 10/18 – NO Concert -
~ 10/25 – ZONGO – “Halloween Weekend Finale”

Be sure to note, there’s no concert 10/18. Here’s a link to flyer.

Los Osos Garage Sale to Help Homeless

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Love garage sales as much as we do? Well, this one is not to be missed. Find that special treasure or glorious tchotchke for your mantle. Maybe there’s that missing fork to complete a silverware set, or a needle point owl. Who knows what you will find… and that’s the fun of garage sales.

This garage sale is even better though. All proceeds go to the Maxine Lewis Memorial Shelter and the Prado Day Center. This Saturday, 8am-4pm, 2555 Ocean View, Los Osos.

And there’s free coffee!!

Jon-Erik Storm running for CSD

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jon erik storm for los osos csd

photo by Sonrisa Photography

Jon-Erik Storm has announced his candidacy for a seat on the CSD Board of Directors. Jon-Erik was appointed as a CSD Director in February of this year. He lives in Los Osos with his wife Lara and their two children, where he practices law. He also teaches religion and philosophy at Cuesta College.

He’s excited to see Los Osos move on from it’s past contentiousness saying, “After years of fighting amongst ourselves, it’s time to start a new tradition in Los Osos politics: civility, respect, and excitement about our future.” He continues, “We have challenges to face that will require teamwork, experience, and grit. We have some huge choices about the future of Los Osos to make in the next few years. I want us here in Los Osos to be the ones doing the deciding. That’s what I will work for.”

To learn more about Jon-Erik, visit his website. Or check out his facebook page.

Los Osos – Best Affordable Beach Town?

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Los Osos has been listed by RealtyTrac as a best affordable beach town. Thanks for thinking of us and including Los Osos in that really bad video, but does anyone think of L.O. as a beach town? Pismo yes, Cayucos, of course, but Los Osos is not a classic California beach town. Los Osos is on the coast and has some great beaches, but bikinis, sun-bathing, beach-cruisers on the boardwalk are scarce commodities. Seems like someone did a few searches and didn’t bother to double check.

link to Yahoo’s coverage of Realty Trac’s list.

Los Osos Dog Park at Pine

Los Osos Dog Park at Pine

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Los Osos Dog Park

Los Osos Dog Park at Pine

A group of developers turned dog park advocates are drumming up support for a pouch park at 2150 Pine and are urging supporters to attend July 3rd’s LOCSD meeting.

It seems they bought the property without realizing the excessive costs to develop it or that they couldn’t transfer water rights between purveyors. Now they want to donate the eye-sore to the community, but only under the condition that they are allowed to transfer the property’s water rights so they can build on other properties.

Sounds like a perfect scenario for the county to step and say what a great idea and thank you very much, “lets do it.” But if only it were that simple. Complications include lost sewer hook up fees of over $200,000, cost of building this world class dog park, maintenance, and of course, the snail. The developers say they can contribute but have yet to put forward a true plan, instead rallying support with flyer slogans, “We need you!” and “Together we can do great things!”.

By the 387 likes on the Los Osos Community Dog Park’s Facebook page it’s clear that a lot of people want this and it sure would be nice to see something other than dilapidated shacks there, but this strings attached approach may not fly, and if not, what then? It’s a skeptics guess without development the developers will discontinue Facebook posts about the wonders of dogparkdom. If that’s the case, who will pick up the baton and run, or at least crawl at the county’s pace, with it?

To get a dog park in the Los Osos it seems we some ultra dedicated folks to put a heck of a lot of time and effort coming up with a true plan.

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Los Osos Energy Challenge

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Lightnings sequence 2 animation.gif

Los Osos Energy Challenge

Interested in lowering your energy bills? The County, PG&E, Pacific Gas, Southern California Gas and the Community Action Partnership of San Luis have come together to host the Los Osos Energy Challenge. The meeting will be held June 26th at the South Bay Community Center at 5:30. Food will be provided by Taqueria Santa Cruz. LOCAC’s monthly meeting to follow at 7pm.

Lightnings sequence 2 animation” by original data: Sebastien D’ARCO

Morro Bay High School Graduation 2014

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morro bay high school graduation

Congrats Grads!

Well done class of 2014! Looking forward to hearing great things from you in the future!

Photos by Sonrisa Photography

Los Osos – The Survey is In

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Los Osos Survey

Los Osos Town Survey

If you haven’t seen it yet, the Los Osos Town Survey is in, and it says a lot about what Los Osos wants. Wonder if the county is listening.

    60% – Favor Slow Growth
    90% – Favor single detached homes
    53% – More Small Businesses
    50% – Better Streets and sidewalks
    71% – Agree and Strongly agree – more trails

Like to know more? Here’s a link to the survey.

What do you think?

The Los Osos Town Survey
What do you think of the Los Osos Town Survey?

Baywood Cyclery

baywood bike shop

Baywood Cyclery’s new Owners

Though they’ve been Baywood Cyclery’s owners since October, Luke, Carl, Gwen, and shop dog Zeus are just hitting their full stride as Los Osos’ bike shop. Luke is the day to day manager and bike technician. “Running a bike shop has always been a dream of mine. I’ve loved riding and building bikes since I was a kid.” Karl and Gwen run the behind the scene business operations. “The community has been terrific and we love being here,” Karl said. When not in the shop, you’ll find Luke riding trails in Montana de’Oro. “This area is such a great place to ride. From the trails and to the long stretches of road, there’s something for everyone.”

The shop features selections of many types of bikes from the best manufacturers in the business, including mountain bikes, touring and road bikes, hybrids and beach cruisers. “If you need a bike come on in, we’ve got a lot to choose from.” They also offer full bike repairs and service. If you think you’re bike needs a tune up or some repairs, they’d be happy to give your a free estimate.

For more information stop by the shop, call 528-BIKE, or visit their new website, baywoodbikeshop.com, built by Los Osos web services company, Fraser Creative Services.